Author: Brett Mason

It’s not about how much you eat, it’s about what you eat. Don’t believe the lie about moderation and exercise. That lie has made more overweight people depressed than anything else. You just need to know what food to eat to lose weight. It’s that simple. Your body will take care of the rest.

I can have sweet tea again! Sugar is evil but sweet tea is heavenly. Artificial sweeteners cause health problems. Natural sweeteners can be bitter. I have found the perfect sugar replacement!

I have used two that I love. My favorite is really expensive. You can find it at Just search for their sweeteners. It comes in a 8ml bottle for about $8

The other is nearly identical and I get it on amazon. It’s called EZ-Sweetz stevia and monk fruit. It’s much more affordable with 300 servings for about $12.

Why I switched from a whole food plant based diet to a ketogenic diet. I had a lot of success on a plant based diet but a lot of reason happened all at once that made me change.

I’m losing weight really well on this keto diet. And it’s helping my moms cancer symptoms. There are a lot of reasons that I explain in this episode of the podcast.

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